Back in Session

Hello All!

I hope everyone’s Independence Day was fantastic! If you were lucky enough to attend the Celebrations here in Crocker, it was a wonderful time. The day fair at the Museum of Psychic History was a hit. It was hotter than Hades, but it was wonderful to see so many students and alumni at the event.

I convinced Miles to take some time off from his work, and got him and Phil Scanlon to come down and join in the festivities. I can also say, with some confidence, that I may or may not have photographic evidence of Phil having fun (Thanks again for being such a great sport Phil, I won’t forget I owe you that round of tennis during the Staff vs. Students extravaganza next spring).

With our Summer lessons back in session, We are prepping a couple of exciting announcements for the fall semester. Dean Hathaway will make all upcoming announcements as soon as things are finalized, but there will be some interesting new additions to the institute come September.

On a final note, during the 4th of July break, it appears someone once again went into the back end of the campus. Unfortunately, the person or persons doing this caused the old silo on the back end to collapse. The silo was over 100 years old and was set to be converted into usable space during the remodel. This development is disappointing, and the Dean is taking measures to ensure that something like this will not happen again.

Over the next few weeks a contracting company will be on campus installing some fencing around the old back end. For the safety of all, these old buildings must be kept off-limits until their conditions have been fully assessed. Going forward, if any student or faculty member is found on the wrong side of the fencing, They will be expelled or terminated, in the case of staff.

Okay, with the unpleasantness out of the way, I am happy to report that we will continue with the profiles on the different psychic abilities that exist out in the world. I think it is truly beneficial to see how people with different abilities view the world around them. We had some lovely volunteers write in over our week off, volunteering to talk about their abilities. I am most excited to hear from our new Assistant to the Curriculum Planner, Amy Tanaka. If all goes according to plan, we should be hearing from her in the next post.

For now, I wish you all a wonderful day, and a happy and productive end to your week.




Are You Psychic? Part 6: Telekinesis



We arrived at the Foster Street Motel with trepidation. Ivan glanced at the slip of paper several times, fearing he’d made a mistake in writing the address down on paper. But, Alas, no. We arrived at the correct address, despite our best all of our wishes to the contrary. This section of the city had gone to ruin long before I was born; I have a feeling it went to hell even before Ivan was born. But there we were, and there was nothing to be done for it other than see if this contact was telling the truth.

Ivan tapped on the door marked 109. It was a dingy blue rectangle, set into crumbing red brick. There was a brass knocker and peephole set into the door, but Ivan opted to use his gloved fist against the door. I can’t say I blame him.

The sound of footsteps padded to the door and a thin, masculine voice said, “Who is it?” Ivan rolled his eyes and frowned. Ivan was never very good at masking his annoyance. Or his anger.

“It is Doctor Vasiliev, and my associate, Doctor Putnam.” The man on the other side of the door made a strangled sound, but the chain clinked and the door unlocked, opening with a creak.

The man inside was named Paul (Redacted), 43, of Indianapolis, Indiana. He called the Vasiliev Program in a panic a week ago. His claim is that he has telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his mind. Ivan in turn called me as soon as he heard the news. In the history of both his research and that of his father, neither of them had ever met an actual telekinetic. As such, there is no protocol on how to test the veracity of the claim.

As usual, Ivan chose to improvise. He brought with him on his trip a black briefcase. It was filled to capacity, the clasps only barely holding the case shut. It will be interesting to see how he plans to test the young man’s ability.

Ivan brought his bag to a rickety table next to the room’s one window. He motioned for the man, Paul, to sit in one of the folding metal chairs. Ivan took the chair across from him. Since there were only two chairs, I opted to sit on the edge of the bed to watch.

Ivan cleared his throat, and in a calm, gentle voice, with a hint of a Russian accent, he said, “Paul, please state for my associate, your name, date of birth, and the details surrounding the start of your ability.”

I took the notebook I had been holding tightly to the whole time, and opened it to a clean page. I prepared to write as the young man spoke.

“Paul (Redacted), Born January 23, 1921. It started when I was thirteen. I helped my daddy every year when it was haying season. It was boiling out that day. Daddy had the trailer hitched to his new truck, and he told me that he’d show me how to drive her if I was a good help. I made sure to be agreeable all day and do whatever was asked of me.” He paused and cleared his throat. “Is it alright if I have a beer?”

Ivan nodded, waving away concern. The young man ran to the unmade twin bed and grabbed the bottle sitting on the nightstand. He returned to the table and took a long pull from the sweating brown bottle.

With a relieved sigh, Paul apologized. “Beer sometimes helps me concentrate.” Ivan nodded absently and opened his briefcase. The first thing he removed from the case was a black feather. It looked like it belonged to one of the chickens on Olga’s farm, but that was ridiculous…wasn’t it.

Ivan set the feather in the table and said in his most soothing tone, “alright, Mr. Fredrickson, the first test we will administer is the feather test. Please focus your will on this tiny feather. Pull at it with your mind. Will it to slide across the table, from me, to you.”

Paul swallowed hard, blinked repeatedly, then stared at the feather. He focused on the black feather and with all his effort, tried to move the feather using only his thoughts. The feather stirred, slightly; but it did not slide across the table.

He huffed and closed his eyes. He was visualizing the feather in his mind. He pulled at it with his mind. The feather didn’t move. Not an inch.

Still he tried. No matter what he did, the feather stayed firmly rooted in place. Except…

The air filled with a strange energy. I could feel the tiny hairs on my arm rise. I set my notebook on the bed and pulled my sleeve back. Yes, the hairs we’re all standing at attention. The one bare bulb overhead began to flicker, and both Ivan and I looked up. The bulb flickered in a random pattern, becoming more erratic as the seconds ticked on.

The sound of glass smashing brought our attention back to the table. Paul convulsed in his chair, sliding out and onto the floor. Thinking fast, Ivan reached into the briefcase and produced a bottle and syringe. He rushed to Paul’s side with a spryness one wouldn’t expect from a 73-year-old.

With great care, we placed the unconscious man in his dismal small bed. Ivan checked his pulse, blood pressure, and breathing. Satisfied, he motioned for me to follow him. He gathered up his briefcase and we exited the small motel room. As he closed the door, he shook his head, indicating I should not speak.

We walked to his car in silence. Once inside, I risked a comment. “That wasn’t telekinesis, was it?” He gauged my expression, then contemplated his response.

“No,” He said, stroking his beard, “No, I don’t think he was. Did you notice the changes in the static electricity in the air?” I nodded, not really certain how to respond. He nodded and pondered what he said. “He’s no telekinetic, but he has some ability. I’d love to figure out what that ability is.”

-From the personal Diary of Arthur Putnam

Old documents hold so many interesting stories. A simple diary entry from one of the minor psychic researchers from history yields interesting facts about one of the world’s most well-known and beloved psychic researchers, Ivan Vasiliev. We also learn that one of the most desired psychic abilities was just as elusive in the early days of psychic research as it is today.

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects using the power of one’s mind. It is on the books as a mythical ability. In all of recorded history, both before and after the revelation that psychic abilities were real, the few reported cases have all been debunked. There are a few notable cases of people with abilities that closely resemble Telekinesis. Does that mean that the ability doesn’t exist? Or is the ability exceedingly rare?

Modern psychic research focuses on the known branches of psychic abilities. Reputable researchers and institutions do not waste their time on hunting down elusive, and likely nonexistent psychic abilities. In fact, the last legitimate organization to put time and money into finding telekinetics is the now-defunct Collective Consciousness. After their closure in 1988, most experimental and off the wall research into psychic abilities have taken a backseat to the more scientific approach.

As psychic research improves, maybe one day a true Telekinetic will be found. Until then, we will always have stories of Uri Gellar and his amazing spoon-bending talent.

A parting thought: What of Paul, from the Diary entry above? It seems Ivan Vasiliev and Arthur Putnam think the man had some sort of ability. What sort of ability triggers the strange things happening in the account?

-AJ Greywood

Independence Day Wishes


Hello all, Allan Hathaway, Dean of Students here with wishes of a safe and Happy Independence Day. I know I’m a few days early, but as is custom here at the Olga Schroeder Institute, we are shutting down for the week so that staff and summer students can spend some much needed relaxation time away from the hustle and bustle of a busy work and learning environment. So for those of you that have been on Campus partaking in our summer programs, Get out there and enjoy yourselves.

I only have a couple of announcements for you at this time; The first is to remind everyone that if you are in town, The Crocker Psychic Cultural Society and the Museum of Psychic History teamed up again this year, and On July 4th will be hosting a day fair on the Museum grounds. I know Siobhan mentioned it in an earlier post, but I feel it bears repeating. This is the 10th year the two groups have put this fair together, and judging from past experiences, it is a good time. Once again the day fair will close out with a fireworks display provided by Wilkerson Events. If you’re in the area, stop over and join the fun!

Secondly, our Security staff noticed over the summer months that there have been four instances so far of someone (or several someones) accessing some of the outbuildings on the back end of campus. These buildings are unsafe. This year alone, one building, a smokehouse, collapsed in on itself after a snowstorm during the winter break. For your own safety, if you have been accessing any of the outbuildings, please stop immediately. As you all know, we are in the process of obtaining funds to repair, renovate, or replace several of these buildings during the new year. Once this is accomplished, we will have several new classrooms and more residence spaces. As we firm up details and obtain funding, we will have a better idea on numbers, and will happily share them. But for now, please avoid this section of campus.

Finally, due to the school break, Miles Norris convinced his good friend AJ Greywood to upload a few posts over the holiday week. So, while there won’t be any announcements coming from the staff, we will have some activity on the site. Also, if you have any questions, or suggestions for posts you’d like to see in the future, leave a comment below. We are in the process of figuring out a comment/suggestion form, as we’d love to provide you, the reader with information you might be interested in. Until next time, Have a wonderful holiday.


Are You Psychic? Part 5: Telepathy


Hello all. My name is Reggie Prince. I am a Telepath and the leader of the Telepathy and Ethics Class here at the Olga Schroeder Institute. I have a little history lesson for you.

March 23, 1982. I arrived for work just as I had for five years. I had been on the police force long enough to know when something was up. When you arrive at the station and the air is heavy and silent, it usually means only one thing: Someone has died. I remember making my way to the Fiona Pasquale’s desk – She was on the switchboard. Yeah, I was on the force that long ago. I asked her what was up, but all she did was make a shushing noise, and say, “It’s not good. Did you watch TV last night?”

I hadn’t. In point of fact, I was on night duty, picking up a few extra hours. My wife, Marcie was pregnant at the time, and we were trying to save up so she could take some extra time after the birth. I shook my head and shrugged, the universal indicator for “Please, tell me what is going on.”

She looked from side to side, as if she was telling me some terrible secret. It was terrible. But as it turns out, it wasn’t a secret.

“Late last night, they voted on the Grimes-Kilgore Bill. The President is expected to sign it into law immediately.”

In case you’ve never heard of the Grimes-Kilgore Bill, It is what is now commonly referred to as the Law Enforcement Psychic Non-Intervention Act. It is a cumbersome name that essentially resulted in the Police Purge later that year. Throughout the rest of the country, the ax dropped immediately. Here in New England, it took a few months. The State and Town Police fought tooth and nail, but eventually the writing was on the wall. a total of 3000 officers nationwide lost their jobs in the first round of firings.

After that, testing was mandated to weed out any potential psychics from law enforcement. Because I was already on the books as a Telepath.

I discovered my telepathic ability when I was 12. It was nearly Christmas and my parents were being secretive about what they were planning. I knew from past years that it was usually worth the wait for that surprise Christmas morning. We were driving somewhere, I don’t remember where, and I heard my mother say, as clear as day, “I hope that bicycle arrives before Christmas Eve. No way Harrold and I can get it put together in one night.”

I remember being in shock. Why would Mama reveal such a huge surprise? I asked her, and my voice was shaking, “Mama, why did you tell me that?”

Mama looked back at me through the rearview mirror. “What are you talking about, honey?” She looked so confused. I remember being mad at her, but I managed to repeat what she said. “If you’re getting me a bike as my present, why would you tell me?”

My Mama’s face drained of color. Her eyes were so wide, I was afraid she’d hurt herself. She finally said, “Reggie, honey, where did you hear about the bicycle?”

I rolled my eyes, I couldn’t even control my frustration. “You just said it, Mama.”

Normally, I probably would have had my mouth slapped for the sass, but she was so shocked, she didn’t even move. Eventually, a car behind her sounded their horn, so she had to start moving again. We rode in silence the rest of the way home. That I remember just like it was yesterday.

Once we were home, Mama made a beeline for the phone and called Mama Jane, her mother. I didn’t catch the whole conversation, but Mama mentioned ‘the sight’ and something about Tia Rosa. Apparently she was My Grandfather Leo’s Half sister. I’d never met her but Mama and Mama Jane made a plan to bring Tia Rosa to the house.

Tia Rosa was 80, so she would have been Papa Leo’s older Sister. She was tall, thin as board, and wrinkled. Her long white hair was braided and pulled up into a tight bun atop her head. It was snow-white, just like her eyebrows. She wore a long, flowing skirt, covered in flowers, and a loose peasant shirt. When she entered, she wore a great big floppy hat, the kind you see old ladies wear while gardening.

That sat her on our large Green sofa. Mama called me over and sat me down in Papa’s armchair, which was opposite the sofa. Mama turned it so that it fully face Tia Rosa, then she said, “Tia, this is my son, Reginald.” Mama Jane added, “This is my daughter Nancy and her son.”

Tia Rosa nodded and said, “He is with the sight?” She had a heavy Spanish accent. Mama had always said that her grandfather had lived in Cuba and was married once before he married Mama Jane. His first wife had been from Cuba, and died when Tia Rosa was a young girl.

Tia Rosa looked at me. Stared, really. She leaned across the coffee table at the center of the sitting area and grabbed my chin with a bony claw of a hand. She said in a low, raspy voice, “Show Tia what you can do.”

I still didn’t know what was happening. I tried to turn my head to look at Mama, but the old woman’s grip was strong. Then she said, “Don’t look at Jane. Ignore your Mama. Look at me and nod your head. Understand your Tia?”

I nodded and flinched as she released my chin. It was only then that I realized that she hadn’t opened her mouth for that last command. She nodded back, her lips spread in a close-lipped smile. It was smug, but oddly endearing.

“The boy hears my thoughts.  He has the sight.”

From that day, my Tia Rosa taught me everything she could about telepathy. In the early days, it was far too expensive to attend one of the fancy training facilities that were just opening across the country.  I was able to attend the University of Massachusetts later, and there, I was able to take a few classes. Back then, Certification only required a set number of hours of class time, and passing the psych test for your ability class.

Today, If you are a telepath, the path to certification is much more involved. The first step is the telepath examination. You are placed in a room with a divider. You sit on one side, and a series of people are brought in on the other side. You are then asked to tell the examiner what the person behind the divider is thinking. The test is administered. over the course of five days, with each session lasting two hours. The final test is to communicate telepathically with another, more experienced telepath. Working with Tia Rosa throughout my childhood prepared me for that eventuality, and I was able to pass with high marks.

It is difficult to prepare yourself for a telepathy test. There are many ethical issues when it comes to mindreading. If you are going to practice, to improve the skill, always be sure to have permission granted.  The laws governing the use of Telepathy are both numerous and nebulous. You don’t want to overstep your boundaries and get into trouble with the law. Many community centers in areas with high psychic populations have days where psychics can come in and practice their ability on willing volunteers. That would be my suggestion to any young telepath unsure of where to begin. In the near future, I will be putting out another post with some helpful hints and tricks for young telepaths to stay on the right side of the law.

-Reggie Prince

Campus Activities



Hello All, Siobhan here with a couple short updates about campus happenings. So, In my last post, I mentioned the goal of beginning some renovation and rebuilding of the back end of campus. I mentioned that Dean Hathaway was looking into crowdfunding as a means of raising that much-needed money. A LOT of people sent messages saying that they would love to participate in any crowdfunding campaign we set up. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to put the brakes on that, and back up a bit.

As much as we appreciate the kind words and desire to help, the Dean has decided to go a more traditional route. The board of directors and the Dean are looking at some Grants, which would go a long way toward setting up the campus and modernizing the back end. So, as great as it would be to see that crowdfunding campaign, we are going to go in a different direction. That said, the president of the Alumni association said that they are mulling over some ideas to help raise money though more main-stream channels as well. We look forward to hearing what they have in mind in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of the back end of campus, Dean Hathaway would like to remind everyone that it is not safe to do too much exploring on that side of the grounds. Many of the buildings back there are the original framework of the farm. The outbuildings and farmhand quarters, in particular, are in an advanced state of disrepair, and going inside to explore could cause a collapse of either building. So please, adhere to the rules and avoid that section of campus at all times. Once all repairs and renovations have been made, we will have four new buildings to house our ever-growing curriculum and student population.

I also wanted to thank our guest writer from yesterday. AJ Greywood, you are a saint and a savior. It really is a shame that there aren’t any openly serving Remote Viewers in the world, but I guess that can’t be helped. Being a psychic is difficult as it is in the world today; I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to be a remote viewer.

Mr. Greywood is a local writer, and will actually be onsite starting August 6th to teach a three-week writing course. Now keep in mind, this course is for writers in fiction and non-fiction. It will not necessarily focus on anything Psychic. Mr. Greywood is coming in to lead this class after course evaluations indicated that a few traditional courses would be appreciated. Signups are available online now through the Student Portal Until 5 PM on July 13th. Depending on attendance, Mr. Greywood is willing to run a second course at a later date. So, if you are even just possibly interested, log in and sign up. We’ll let everyone know once we see how many signups there are if a second session will be set up.

That is all I have for this update. I hope everyone has a fantastic week!